Unicorn in Black

Unicorn in Black

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Hi fellas,

The time will come!! Super popular Mobile Suit Unicorn Gundam will be released in Black color.
Unicorn Banshee is built after Unicorn Gundam and inherit same silhouette from 1st Unicorn. It appears in Gundam UC Episode 4 and its model kit will come out in two different modes, Unicorn and Destroy Modes like 1st Unicorn kits did.
hg unicorn banshee

HG Unicorn Banshee (Unicorn Mode)

With its accessory parts, it looks really powerful although it looks relatively quieter than Destroy mode.


HG Unicon Banshee (Destroy Mode)

Destroy Mode is a converted version of Banshee when NT-D system is activated during fights. Widely spread horns stand out on its head. Yellow parts are seen between black body parts that has a cool contrast.

hg unicorn banshee destroy mode

In the destroy mode, arm parts are designed opening and it seems to be used as a hand crusher sort of. (Grabbing opponents and clutch them to death).

hg unicorn banshee

HG Unicorn Banshee Rolls Out!!

hg unicorn banshee

Major inhanced parts: Horn, shield, and right arm parts

unicorn destroy mode

Banshee Destroy Mode. New arm parts.

hg unicorn banshee

Weapons: Hyper Bazooker and shield.

hg unicorn banshee destroy mode


These kits are available for pre-order at Gundam Planet!!

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