Dragon Ball x One Piece DX Luffy

Dragon Ball x One Piece DX Luffy

The title says it all!  The second MG Figure-Rise from Bandai is a fantastic addition to your collection; the MG Figure-Rise is a model kit similar to Gunpla or Plastic Model kits.  The only downside to this figure is that you need to apply paint to some parts for a more authentic effect.

[MG] Figure-Rise 1/8 Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

Gundam Planet $49.95

The One Piece model “Monkey D Luffy” joins the MG Figureris-rise series as a 1/18 scale ultimate plastic model from Bandai. The model features snap-fit construction and pieces molded in color. You can assemble this action model for yourself without glue or paint. This highly articulated model can be posed in a variety of ways thanks to Bandai’s ingenious design. Bandai has included accessories such as Luffy’s food and drink, as well as extra long limbs you can swap in and out. On top of all that Bandai has provided sticker or water-slide decals for Mr.Luffy’s marking and you can choose your preference. You can enjoy dynamic poses by moving each joint!

Luffy of “One Piece” joins the MG Figure-rise series, as a 1/8 scale ultimate plastic model.

  • You can enjoy various facial expression by replacing the parts. The hat can be put on, clothes can be removed. Includes long arms.
  • The hip joints turn round. You can enjoy the form of the character. Toes are movable and have outstanding stability because of their rubber material.
  • You can enjoy dynamic poses by moving each joint.

[MG] Figure-Rise 1/18 Dragon Ball Kai Super Saiya Son Goku

Gundam Planet $47.95

Here is the fantastic Master Grade Figure-Rise snap-fit Saiyan Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z.  Molded in color the kit will be incredibly poseable upon completion.  Super Saiyan Son Goku can hold a wide variety of dynamic action poses, as well as recreating many of his signature poses seen in the magna and anime.  He comes packed with an interchangeable face, hands optional, marking stickers and a clear display base with stand.  This figure is at 1/8 scale….bigger than MG Gundam!!!

  • Display base is included!!
  • Face – 2types of face parts are included.
  • Neck – Various posing
  • Muscle – Movable gimmick
  • Hands – 2types of hands are included.
  • Legs – Unbelievable range of movement.

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